Jerri Taylor… At-Risk Student…South Bend Native…Sad Story…..Lady Solider… College Graduate….Success Story!


During her Middle school years she was introduced to Motivational Youth Speaker Indianapolis Jamahl Keyes for the very second time. Impressed by her talents in so many things basketball was the door he used to motivate, encourage and uplift her. Jerri has always had share of troubles in her life, from home life to even school but no one would ever be able to tell you the end of this life story.


Years would pass and lack of communication would stagnate the mentor relationship between Jamahl and Jerri. She was no longer coming around or calling. Trials and major tribulations came around more to the point of almost no return. For a year of her life anything that could happen negatively did with her. Fights, suspensions, disrespect, and even the “I Don’t Care” Attitude was in full effect. Jerri was angered and full of rage and out of control. That lead her to being arrested and locked up for a year.


During that time Jerri reached out to her Mentor Youth Motivational Speaker Indianapolis Jamahl Keyes to find that ground that he had placed in her life years before, the ground that was always consistent. As always he was available to guide her through her rough and tough times. The relationship begin to grow again, but this time Jerri was even more determine to turn her life around and make something amazing out of herself.


She graduated from High School and attended Xaiver University where she played on a basketball scholarship.  She Graduated in Top Honors of her class. Jerri is now a Sergeant Major working for the American Embassy in Italy


All the motivation, all the encouragement, but most of all the ability for Jerri to Listen and hear the words that were spoken to her by her Mentor Youth Motivational Speaker Indianapolis  Jamahl Keyes was what got her to the place she is in now. Even after reaching high and achieving her life goals she is still climbing to the top.