“Discover the hidden secrets to motivating your students to work harder, want more and be successful.”

  • What would happen if your students where self motivated? 

  • Would they learn more from you?

  • Would it change the whole dynamic of your school and/or youth organization?

“The Magic In You youth, educator and parent presentations will open doors for you and your youth like never before!”

In The Magic In You youth programs for students they Will Learn:

  • How to, be successful in school and life.
  • How to, prepare themselves for college
  • How to, build the needed leadership and Character Development skills to be successful.

 In The Magic In You programs for teachers and parents they Will Learn:

  • How to, motivate the student of the 21st century.
  • Clever ways to, defuse any type of hostile situation in and out the classroom.
  • How to, get your students to listen and take action in school and life.

The Magic In You presentations are perfect for anyone you is in need for a:

Who are The Magic In You Presentations for?

The Magic In You presentations are for any student who wants to be successful in school and life and for any teacher, mentor, educator or parent who is seeking for a Youth Motivational Speaker Indianapolis Indiana, School Assembly Speaker Indianapolis, Anti Bully School Assembly or Teachers Professional Development Speaker who is seeking for the needed and necessary tools for their students to be successful in school and life. The tools and strategies presented in these presentations are timeless and proven to work no-matter your background, culture or gender.

The Magic In You presentations reveal success techniques and principles, that students are not aware of and most times take for granted. That’s why when they are presented something magical happens to them!

About The Creator Of The Magic In You Presentations:

Hi, I am Jamahl Keyes-The Magic Motivator and creator of The Magic In You presentations.

Download BrochureI have been a professional speaker, author and trainer for over 20 years. I have worked for numerous Charter school corporations, School Corporations, Youth Organizations and Colleges and a school assembly speaker, Teachers professional development trainer and keynote motivational speaker for: Notre Dame University, Concept Schools and DECA to just name a few.

When I discovered in the 80’s (in my classroom) the power of  using the visual arts of magic tricks and theater, comedy, audience participation and real-life stories to educate students and adults so that they retain the information longer and faster.

I was inspired to create The Magic In You life-changing presentation.

I found people are always ready and willing to learn if you present it to them in a fun and interactive way. Mixing  magic and comedy with a message works because the audience is being presented great information that they all retain because The Magic In You uses all VAK (Visual, Auditory, and Kin-aesthetic) learning styles simultaneously, meaning NO ONE is BORED in any of The Magic In You presentations.


I understand the importance of the information I share in all of The Magic In You presentations and let’s face it if the presentation is 45 Min, 90 Min or even 120 Min it is important for me that the people that I am presenting to use the strategies that I reveal to them. That is why I have FREE Fun and Interactive Give-A-Ways that I give away in all of may presentations. So for example, if I am presenting my Anti Bully and Character Education Assembly Indianapolis, if anyone hires me for a School Assembly Speaker Indianapolis or as a Youth Motivational Speaker Indianapolis Indiana Give-A-Way FREE stuff to everyone present.