Classroom Violence Prevention Strategies For Educators


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Eliminate the element of chance by inviting top selling author, speaker and trainer Jamahl Keyes-The Magic Motivator to educate, inspire, enlighten, amaze, entertain and most importantly educate your staff with his The Magic Steps to vanishing conflict in the classroom presentation. A amazing curiosity arousing presentation on the lost art of Conflict Resolution.

 A genuine thought provoking exposure on the lost art of conflict resolution, Jamahl Keyes-The Magic Motivator will unveil breakthrough conflict resolution techniques employed by very successful teachers, managers and high achievers around the world.

  How does one get to be one of the world’s for-most authorities on the art of conflict resolution in the classroom? You need to have worked with at-risk youth as a teacher in the classroom for over 20 years and have presented Teachers Professional Development presentations all over the world working with parents, teachers and staff  that are always looking for ways to improve their classroom, life and students well-being Jamahl Keyes-The Magic Motivator has the ability to point out key and critical conflict resolution points and strategies that can easily be implemented.


The next time you’re ready for a self contained, informative and entertaining Teachers Professional Development Speaker program for your staff, consider well-rounded professional Jamahl Keyes-The Magic Motivator


You Will Learn:

  • Proactive ways to control the environment in the classroom and community.
  • How To, defuse and potential hostile situation with a at-risk youth.
  • Passive aggressive ways to show communicate effectively with a student that doesn’t know how to communicate.


The Perfect Presentation For:

  • School Assemblies
  • Commencements
  • Convention Series
  • Leadership Programs
  • Conference Keynotes