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5 Step Goal Setting System


 burst_r20_c97Workbook ArtworkYou must have a solid foundation of setting and executing goals if you are to be successful in school and life. In this audio and booklet Jamahl reveals step by step his system that he has shared with very successful students and scholars from all around the globe. The strategies revealed in this easy to implement system are not new they are fundamental principles that Jamahl has put in a easy to execute despite how busy your day to day schedule manner. Once you download this audio series and action plan booklet you will be underway to accomplishing more in 12 days then you have in 12 months Guaranteed.  

Who Is This For?

DECA Students, JAG Students, College Bound Students, Teachers

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Can’t Quit It Until You Get It Book

Leadership BookLet’s Face It! In this economic environment only a select few students that have the needed Leadership skills to be considered to be apart of certain companies in the corporate world. In this incredible book Jamahl unveils the 5 leadership skills that HR departments are looking for their employees to have before they are considered. Jamahl reveals each leadership skill through easy to follow case studies and real life stories of people that he has helped in his 20 years of leadership development speaking and training. A MUST BOOK! For anyone who is looking to stand out and make a difference in school on the job and in this world.


Who Is This For?

At-Risk Students, Youth Programs, Counselors, Teachers

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Success Blueprint (Double Disc DVD Set)

WARNING TO COLLEGE BOUND STUDENTS: This could be the most important information you will ever read about being successful in college and positioning yourself to be successful in corporate America.


Disc Case 1FACT! Did you know 6 out of 10 students either drop out of college, put on suspension or kicked out the after the first semester. Not because they don’t have the knowledge needed to get good grades but because of little-known (and never talked about) college success philosophies, belief in themselves and personal behaviors that allow students to be successful no matter their background, culture and/or gender. Don’t take a chance trying to “deprogram yourself” of the bad none productive habits as Jamahl assists you in learning how to finally get yourself in sync with the needed habits and beliefs required and essential for success in college.



Who Is This For?

College Bound Students, Graduate Students, Counselors

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