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Supercharge your youth speaking and youth entertainment business and discover what every youth speaker and youth entertainer needs to know about the NEW trends that are changing the youth speaker and youth entertainment industry!


The Magic In Youth Youth Speaker & Youth Entertainer Bootcamp Is August 16-18 2013 In Indianapolis,IN

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In This Bootcamp You Will Learn…

  • How to, easily use video to build a solid customer base, build your brand and get rebooked…
  • How to, use social media to get more testimonials and credibility amongst potential clients…
  • How to, use one postcard to get a minumum of 100 prospects willing and able to use your service.
  • How to, create brochures and press releases that get prospects to TAKE ACTION.
  • How to, use the ONE FREE TOOL, you can use to get your current clients to refer you time and time again…
  • The 5 point lead generation website system that Jamahl Keyes-The Magic Motivator has been teaching his private clients for years…
  • How to, get agents to want to book you time and time again.
  • How to, get into the youth speaker and entertainment markets that are reccession proof.


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Meet The Expert Guest Speakers!



Meet Jim Connelly-The Master Mentor                                Jim Connelly is one of America’s leading experts in building customer service. He is a speaker with over 50yrs. experience speaking at some of the most prestigous and highset paying youth and educators events. He is going to let the beans out the bag revealing the strategies he uses to demand bigger fees and build solid and viable releationships.

Mystery Guest

Mystery Guest-POWER AGENT                                                Our surprise guest speaker is resposible for booking youth speakers and youth entertainers on national and international TV, north America youth events, Cruise Ships, resorts and colleges. She will reveal the tools that every youth speaker and youth entertainer must have to attract event planners and agents to want to hire you time and time again. She will also have a question and answer session so that specific questions can be answered.

This Bootcamp Is Perfect For The:

  • Youth Speakers

  • Youth Entertainers

  • Youth Pastors

  • Youth Educators

  • Inspired Youth Speakers

  • Youth Authors

  • Youth Instructors

Who wants to make money in the youth speaking and entertainment industry.

You must learn these Marketing and Advertising skills, if you are to be compettive in this information age. Take action now, if you are wanting to make seriuos money in the youth speaking and enertainment industry!

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Over 20 Years Experience Motivating, Teaching and Entertaining Youth At Some Of The Largest Youth And Business Events In The World!

Ivanka Trump

Jamahl-Keyes-With-Model-And-Business-Mogul-Ivanka-TrumpPosing with the Beautiful Ivanka Trump at one of the largest small busines marketing events on the planet.


Christopher Hanson

Jamahl Keyes With Dateline NBC's Christopher HansonPosing with Christopher Hanson (Dateline NBC Host) after presenting his Leadership Magic presentation at a youth leadership event.

Bill Rancic

Jamahl Keyes With 1st Place Winner Of NBC's Season 1 Apprentace Bill RancicAt a business marketing event posing with Bill Rancic of the Rancic and Guiliene Show

Kristi Frank

Kristi Frank

On The Success Show With Kristi Frank Top Competitor Of Season #1 Of Donald Trumps The Apprentice


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Discover the reasons and strategies top-youth speakers, top-earning                                                                                  youth authors and high-visibility youth imagesspeakers get more visibility on the internet, in media and even in print. On the bonus day you will have full access to what Jamahl Keyes-The Magic Motivator calls his Gig Geeks, they are the 5 people that work behind the curtain navigating Jamahl Keyes-The Magic Motivators websites, landing pages, brochures, postcards, sales letters and even off the wall always entertaining videos, making them work all together as a well oiled machine.

  • Get a day-to-day week to week plan for your speaking business
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The Magic In Youth Youth Speaker And Youth Entertainer Bootcamp August 16-18 Indianapolis, IN







Questions And/Or Concerns Call: 866.230.9808  Ext:8

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