Nothing But Laughs! Comedy Magic Show People Will Talk About For Weeks


This Comedy Magic Show Turns Your Typical Event Into A “WOW! Wasn’t That Fantastic” Occasion


This program features incredible mind-reading, predicting future events, moving objects with the mind, hilarious audience participation and much more

Should This Much Fun Be Banned?

You will know that you made the correct decision to include “Nothing But Laughs!” as part of your event when you hear the laughter and see all the smiles on the faces of your guest.

Jamahl guarantees people will come up to you afterwards to thank you for providing them with such an enjoyable time.


 “Your act was the highlight of our dinner. Everyone still talking about it and it enlightened a potentially dull evening. we’ll be calling you next year.”

-Amanda Costello (Anchorage,AL Chamber Of Commerce)