Anti Bully School Assembly Indianapolis Indiana Tip To Stop Bullying

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IMAG0172Anti Bully School Assembly Indianapolis Indiana Characteristics of Children Who Bully Children who bully their peers regularly (admit to bullying more than occasionally) tend to: • Be impulsive, hot-headed, dominant • Be easily frustrated • Lack empathy • Have difficulty following rules • View violence in a positive way

Boys who bully tend to be physically stronger than other children.

Anti Bully School Assembly Indianapolis Indiana Family Risk Factors for Bullying Children who bully are more likely than their nonbullying peers to live in homes where there is:

• A lack of warmth and involvement on the part of parents • Overly-permissive parenting (including a lack of limits for children’s behavior) • A lack of supervision by parents • Harsh, physical discipline • A model for bullying behavior


Anti Bully School Assembly Indianapolis Indiana Peer Risk Factors for Bullying

• Children and youth who bully are more likely to have friends who bully and who have positive attitudes towards violence.

Motivational Youth Keynote Speaker 101 Money Words

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Can Vocabulary Words Determine How Much Money You Will Accumulate In A Lifetime?

Motivational Youth Keynote Speaker“If you work in the corporate world and/or have a child that has dreams and ambitions to work in the corporate world you may want to think about learning and mastering these Motivational Youth Keynote Speaker 101 Money Words.” States Motivational Youth Speaker and Top Selling Author Jamahl Keyes. I recently had the pleasure of speaking at a district DECA meeting for students and a J.A.G. installation event. After talking to these young people from two different organizations D.E.C.A. (being a organization that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the world) and J.A.G. (a school-to-work transition program focused on helping at-risk youth graduate from high school; and either find a job in the workforce and/or go to college) it was clear to me that the students in DECA believed they will make a great income in their lifetime where the J.A.G. students where just happy to make any income. “One of the key things that separate the students in the two groups is and has always has been their Jamahl - Teachers Professional Development Trainerchoices of vocabulary words,” explains Motivational Youth Speaker and Top Selling Author Jamahl Keyes. “The words we use and speak out when expressing ourselves is the reflection of our consciousness of what is and what can be!” Studies have shown that people that have a vast knowledge and artillery of vocabulary words and the meanings are: • Less likely to be verbally or physically violent (because they are able to articulate themselves) • More likely to past any type of standardized testing. • And (Wait For It!) 8 to 10 times more likely to make more money in a lifetime. This shouldn’t be a surprise, every type of institution be it sports, wall street, education and even Ghetto’s all across the country have certain vocabulary words that are used at any given time. “I even use certain vocabulary words and even dialect to capture the audience’s attention depending who they are and where I’m at on the globe.” States, Motivational Youth Speaker and Top Selling Author Jamahl Keyes. Motivational Youth Keynote Speaker Magic MotivatorIt is very important that we put students in the position to have the choice if they want to make a substantial amount of money or a moderate amount of money. Attached you will find what I call  Motivational Youth Keynote Speaker 101 Money Words that every student and/or adult should know. 80% of the 101 Money English words are vocabulary words that are on 95% of the nation’s top standardized testing test including ISTEP, MAP, CRCT, ACT and SAT. For an informative interview about Youth Leadership, Contact Motivational Youth Speaker and Top Selling Author Jamahl Keyes office at: 866.230.9808

Motivational Youth Keynote Speaker 3 Tips To Successfully Managing A Classroom

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Motivational Youth Keynote Speaker Jamahl KeyesMotivational Youth Keynote Speaker Tip #1: Establishing A Code Of Conduct At the beginning of each year, students and teachers are supplied with a revised institutional code. In it, you will find the district’s policies for student behavior and discipline. Using this as a guide, prepare a behavioral code of conduct that can be discussed and posted in your classroom. This exercise will even benefit a classroom of younger students who have not yet learned to read if you ‘translate’ each rule into simple, easy to remember words, and recite them together. Be prepared to answer any questions your student might have, as well as, discuss why each guideline is important.

Motivational Youth Keynote Speaker Tip #2: Dealing With Discipline You will inevitably be faced with disciplinary problems. While establishing a Motivational Youth Keynote Speakerclassroom code of conduct each school year, make certain your students understand the consequences of misbehavior. Discipline procedures are, of course, governed by district policies, so become familiar with appropriate measures for dealing with disturbances and unacceptable behavior. As you get to know the dynamic of your class, you’ll be better able to design a plan of action that is tailored to their needs.

While a second chance can be warranted in certain circumstances, not following through with stated consequences will only undermine your authority. It is also important to remember to discipline consistently for every infraction no matter when it happens or who has behaved inappropriately. It is never okay to show favoritism to any student.

Motivational Youth Keynote SpeakerMotivational Youth Keynote Speaker Tip #3: Establishing A Routine Children thrive in structured environments. If you don’t allow time between activities for their mind to wander, you’ll have a better chance of keeping them focused on you and engaged in the lesson. Start each morning by meeting your students at the door and welcoming them to class. For those who arrive early, encourage them to try a puzzle or coloring page you’ve set out for them. At the beginning of each class, go over the schedule for the day so that your students know what to expect. In these instances, routine doesn’t equate to boring, but offers your students a sense of security in knowing what to expect.


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The Magic MotivatorWe live in a society that talks negative and looks down on people that dream. You’ve heard the sayings, “”Stop Day Dreaming”, “Only In Your Dreams”, Wake Up Your Dreaming”. The fact of the matter is, before you are able to reach your destiny, calling and fulfillment in life, you first receive it in a vision and/or dream, so that when it shows up again in your life you are able to recognize it.

Side Note: The Mind Functions In Two Parts To Replay The Past And Pre Play The Future. So when you dream about something that you want to accomplish your mind will pre-play your future accomplishing what you want to accomplish.

Before anyone reaches their full potential and destiny in life, they first dream about what they can become, in this article I will reveal to you 10 proven ways to make your dreams come true and reach your ‘calling in life’. But before I do let me say, “You will never be fully fulfilled and happy in your life until you find your purpose and your purpose is also shown in a vision and/or dream.

This article is designed to help you not only find your purpose in life but, lead you into the right direction to your success.

10 proven ways to achieve your dreams in your life

1.    Your Dream Should Never Be Barrowed…

How many times have you gotten excited and passionate about someone else’s pursued to their goals. You ended up helping them reach their goals in life only to not be excited about what you have done in your life. We are all sometimes victims of this. What we need to continue to do is ask ourselves consciously and sub-consciously, am I happy and when this is done will this make me happy. You can only be happy accomplishing your own dreams not someone else’s.

 2.    Your Dream May Need Encouragement From Other People At First…

Athletes understand this more than anyone else. Your dream will always require a mentor not a friend; but a mentor. A friend is comfortable where you are currently in your life; a mentor recognizes what you can become in your life. A mentor will reveal to you all of your obstacles before they even come to you.

 3.    Your Dream Does Not Require The Approval Of Everyone You Love.

Believe it or not family and friends can sometimes hurt you in pursuit of your destiny. In short some will envy you, some will say negative things about you, and some will be so self absorbed in their own lives. The best thing to do is to be wise in sharing your dreams and visions for your life.

 4.    Your Dream Can Start With Whatever Is On Your Heart Today.

We sometimes talk ourselves out of what we want to do, before we attempt to do it. Every accomplishment small or big starts small. If you have a dream all you need to nurture it is desire. God will tell you what to do; it’s your job to do it.

 5.    You Already Posses What It Takes To Launch Your Dream- DESIRE.

If you feed your dream with passion, it will become strong with desire. Fuel it with desire it will become an obsession. Your obsession will become a magnet that pulls others towards you to help you accomplish your dreams.

 6.    You Must Have An Obsession To Reach Your Dream.

When you are obsessed with your dream, it will determine what you do first every day. You will only be as successful as your daily habits.

 7.    Your Dream Requires Your Immediate Attention.

You must move on your dream now. Remember movement is the evidence of life.

 8.    You Must Build Your Daily Agenda Of Goals Around Your Dream.

Set small daily goals pushing you closer to your dreams. Write down your goals for your dream because without a goal you have a wish. Goals will able you to measure your accomplishments.

 9.    You Must Nurture Those Relationships Connected To Your Dreams.

Always mention your dream in every conversation. And find a way to encourage people in your life to give you gifts and encouragement connected to your dream.

 10.  Your Dream Deserves Your Total Focus.

The only reason we fail in anything is because lack of focus. Focus un-clutters you from un-necessary people, places, and things in your life. It’s like kryptonite to every person that will hinder you from reaching your destiny.

Teachers Professional Development Speaker Reveals 5 Ways to help students overcome limitations.

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         IMAG01721. Everyone has weaknesses…

Some of the greatest achievers in the world, became great not because of their strengths but because of them recognizing their weaknesses and surrounding themselves with the necessary people to make them greater.

        2. Admitting your weakness…

 When you admit to any type of weakness two things can only happen. One you give up and give in or two you give in and get help. Admitting to any type of weakness shows humility and humility attracts teachers and mentors. If you act as if you know it all, you will fall. There is an old saying, “When the student is ready the teacher will appear.” When you admit to a weakness, you activate compassion in others.

3. If you do not acknowledge your limitations, you will never grow…

This is a biggie, how many times do we continue to ignore the elephant in the room. When we ignore a personal weakness, it grows and multiplies. Never deny your shortcomings. Facing your limitations is the key to you conquering them.

4.  When you try to do everything yourself, you prevent others needed to help you…

People around you will feel unnecessary, insignificant, and un-important and you lose the purpose of them being in your life. Pride moves people away from you and not towards you.

    5. Something inside of others, long to become necessary to you…

High achievers understand that they need other people to participate in their quest to success. They need you and you need them. For example: When a child ask for help from a parent. Something inside of the parent is sparked and the parent is excited to help. Why?, because the child needs them. This works the same with our limitations, something inside of someone in your life right now can help unleash the bondage of limitation.