New Anti Bully and Character Education Assembly East Chicago, IN Helps Students Build A No Bully Culture In The Community.

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In every school in America, many students dread the time they need to sit down in a school assembly and listen to the speaker talk about bullying and give a anti bully and character education rah rah speech; unfortunately 8 out of 10 students that listen to the average anti bully speaker daydream and forget 90% of what the speaker was talking about.

“Finding the right anti bully and character education assembly that will make a big impact and deliver a unforgettable message that will change culture of your school and community is no small task, but is very important to get the right anti bully speaker, if you want to motivate the student of this era.” says Anti Bully and Character Education Assembly East Chicago, IN expert Jamahl Keyes. Author, Speaker and training. “To avoid failure of choosing a bad speaker for your assembly, youth rally or anti bully event. It’s easy steps that can be taken.”

What questions every event planner should ask a anti bully speaker before hiring them to speak at their youth event:

  • Do you have testimonials from clients that fit our students age and demographic?

  • What type of entertainment do you use to keep the students engaged?

  • Is your material relevant to the issues of what today’s students are going through?

  • Do you have any educational material that we may be able to give to our students, to reinforce your anti bully and character education message?

  • Can your presentation fit in any part of our event?

  • Do you have any presentations that can be presented to our teachers, staff and parents in a breakout session?

Jamahl Keyes-The Magic Motivator is a Anti Bully and Character Education Assembly East Chicago, IN expert with over 20 years experience presenting presentations for schools and youth organizations all over the world. He is a Leadership training expert and author of two top selling books,101 Ways to market and advertise you and Leadership Magic.

To schedule an informative and entertaining interview with Anti Bully and Character Education Assembly East Chicago, IN expert about easy and effective to build a Anti Bully culture- call 866.230.9808

How to hire the right Motivational Youth Speaker

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One of the greatest things about today’s motivational youth speaker market is that there’s something for just about everyone, no matter how specific the need. The real trick is pinpointing exactly what type of motivational youth speaker or entertainer you need for your occasion. Are you looking for a motivational youth keynote speaker? A technical expert? Humorous after-dinner entertainer? The more you can answer these questions, the easier your search will be.

No matter what, just remember that with the thousands of motivational youth speakers available, a knowledgeable, experienced speaker’s bureau can help you find someone who meets your taste and budget. You just have to be willing to follow these rules and look for a Organizing a conference can be a complex task. You need to book a suitable venue, organize session times and coffee breaks, decide on a menu, check the audio-visual equipment … the task sometimes seems endless. It’s not surprising that many conference organizers leave it almost too late to add the most important ingredient – the right speaker. Speakers these days come in all shapes, sizes and areas of expertise. Name a topic, and you can find someone to speak on it. Some motivational youth speakers are good. Some are brilliant. But some, unfortunately, are not so good. To ensure the success of the conference you have worked so hard to put together, your motivational youth speakers must have impact. Let’s get one thing clear right now: the cost of a good motivational youth speaker is nothing compared to the cost of failing to get the right message across to your delegates. Good motivational youth speakers motivate young people: they help the magic of an idea become reality.

Anti Bully School Assembly Indianapolis Indiana Tip To Stop Bullying

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IMAG0172Anti Bully School Assembly Indianapolis Indiana Characteristics of Children Who Bully Children who bully their peers regularly (admit to bullying more than occasionally) tend to: • Be impulsive, hot-headed, dominant • Be easily frustrated • Lack empathy • Have difficulty following rules • View violence in a positive way

Boys who bully tend to be physically stronger than other children.

Anti Bully School Assembly Indianapolis Indiana Family Risk Factors for Bullying Children who bully are more likely than their nonbullying peers to live in homes where there is:

• A lack of warmth and involvement on the part of parents • Overly-permissive parenting (including a lack of limits for children’s behavior) • A lack of supervision by parents • Harsh, physical discipline • A model for bullying behavior


Anti Bully School Assembly Indianapolis Indiana Peer Risk Factors for Bullying

• Children and youth who bully are more likely to have friends who bully and who have positive attitudes towards violence.

Motivational Youth Keynote Speaker 101 Money Words

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Can Vocabulary Words Determine How Much Money You Will Accumulate In A Lifetime?

Motivational Youth Keynote Speaker“If you work in the corporate world and/or have a child that has dreams and ambitions to work in the corporate world you may want to think about learning and mastering these Motivational Youth Keynote Speaker 101 Money Words.” States Motivational Youth Speaker and Top Selling Author Jamahl Keyes. I recently had the pleasure of speaking at a district DECA meeting for students and a J.A.G. installation event. After talking to these young people from two different organizations D.E.C.A. (being a organization that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the world) and J.A.G. (a school-to-work transition program focused on helping at-risk youth graduate from high school; and either find a job in the workforce and/or go to college) it was clear to me that the students in DECA believed they will make a great income in their lifetime where the J.A.G. students where just happy to make any income. “One of the key things that separate the students in the two groups is and has always has been their Jamahl - Teachers Professional Development Trainerchoices of vocabulary words,” explains Motivational Youth Speaker and Top Selling Author Jamahl Keyes. “The words we use and speak out when expressing ourselves is the reflection of our consciousness of what is and what can be!” Studies have shown that people that have a vast knowledge and artillery of vocabulary words and the meanings are: • Less likely to be verbally or physically violent (because they are able to articulate themselves) • More likely to past any type of standardized testing. • And (Wait For It!) 8 to 10 times more likely to make more money in a lifetime. This shouldn’t be a surprise, every type of institution be it sports, wall street, education and even Ghetto’s all across the country have certain vocabulary words that are used at any given time. “I even use certain vocabulary words and even dialect to capture the audience’s attention depending who they are and where I’m at on the globe.” States, Motivational Youth Speaker and Top Selling Author Jamahl Keyes. Motivational Youth Keynote Speaker Magic MotivatorIt is very important that we put students in the position to have the choice if they want to make a substantial amount of money or a moderate amount of money. Attached you will find what I call  Motivational Youth Keynote Speaker 101 Money Words that every student and/or adult should know. 80% of the 101 Money English words are vocabulary words that are on 95% of the nation’s top standardized testing test including ISTEP, MAP, CRCT, ACT and SAT. For an informative interview about Youth Leadership, Contact Motivational Youth Speaker and Top Selling Author Jamahl Keyes office at: 866.230.9808

Motivational Youth Keynote Speaker 3 Tips To Successfully Managing A Classroom

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Motivational Youth Keynote Speaker Jamahl KeyesMotivational Youth Keynote Speaker Tip #1: Establishing A Code Of Conduct At the beginning of each year, students and teachers are supplied with a revised institutional code. In it, you will find the district’s policies for student behavior and discipline. Using this as a guide, prepare a behavioral code of conduct that can be discussed and posted in your classroom. This exercise will even benefit a classroom of younger students who have not yet learned to read if you ‘translate’ each rule into simple, easy to remember words, and recite them together. Be prepared to answer any questions your student might have, as well as, discuss why each guideline is important.

Motivational Youth Keynote Speaker Tip #2: Dealing With Discipline You will inevitably be faced with disciplinary problems. While establishing a Motivational Youth Keynote Speakerclassroom code of conduct each school year, make certain your students understand the consequences of misbehavior. Discipline procedures are, of course, governed by district policies, so become familiar with appropriate measures for dealing with disturbances and unacceptable behavior. As you get to know the dynamic of your class, you’ll be better able to design a plan of action that is tailored to their needs.

While a second chance can be warranted in certain circumstances, not following through with stated consequences will only undermine your authority. It is also important to remember to discipline consistently for every infraction no matter when it happens or who has behaved inappropriately. It is never okay to show favoritism to any student.

Motivational Youth Keynote SpeakerMotivational Youth Keynote Speaker Tip #3: Establishing A Routine Children thrive in structured environments. If you don’t allow time between activities for their mind to wander, you’ll have a better chance of keeping them focused on you and engaged in the lesson. Start each morning by meeting your students at the door and welcoming them to class. For those who arrive early, encourage them to try a puzzle or coloring page you’ve set out for them. At the beginning of each class, go over the schedule for the day so that your students know what to expect. In these instances, routine doesn’t equate to boring, but offers your students a sense of security in knowing what to expect.