America’s #1 Diversity Speaker

“The Magic Happens when we independently work together.” – Jamahl Keyes

Author – Speaker – Entertainer

“Discover the hidden secrets to motivating your managers, staff and colleagues to appreciating and embracing the magic of Diversity in the work place and community.”

What would happen if your managers, staff and even students had the proven tools to communicate with one another more effectively.

  • Would that help your companies bottom-line?
  • Would it change the whole dynamic of your organization?
5 Facts About Diversity

Diversity in management positions are needed to leverage a company’s full potential.

A staff that embraces diversity will create a more creative and innovative workforce.

Diversity in the workplace is necessary to create a competitive economy in a globalized world.

A diverse workforce drives economic growth.

People that embrace Diversity will make 8 to 10 times more money in a lifetime then people that don’t.

Diversity Speaker Jamahl Keyes“The Magic Of Diversity”, Diversity presentation will help your managers, leaders and your staff tremendously!”

In “The Magic Of Diversity”, Diversity & Inclusion Speaker Indianapolis IN

 your leadership staff Will Learn:

  • How to, get your staff to effectively embrace and appreciate the in-differences in each others ethnicities, cultures and genders.
  • How to, defuse any racial and different lifestyle tension in the workplace.
  • How to, identify the power of inclusion when it comes to decision making.
  • How to,get your staff to accept the ‘magic powers’ of Diversity.
  • Proven ways to get everyone to support Diversity and Inclusion.

Who is “Diversity Magic” Diversity Presentation for?

IMG_0737Top selling Author, Speaker, entertainer and America’s #1 Diversity & Inclusion Speaker Indianapolis IN Jamahl Keyes- The Magic Motivator is nationally recognized for his award winning Diversity Presentation “Diversity Magic“. He has educated, edu-tained and presented Diversity workshops for teachers, administrators, college students, DECA organizations, J.A.G. programs and fortune 500 companies all over North and South America. His up tempo style, comedy magic tricks and story telling help set the tone to talk about tuff and sometimes uncomfortable Diversity subjects dealing with race relations, lifestyle differences and even gender equality. By incorporating comedy magic and storytelling in all of his presentations it quickly makes everyone present very attentive and responsive.


Diversity and Inclusion In The Classroom Teaser:
Solving A Problem With Diversity Highlight:

Awards Include:

  • 2001 U.C.A.D.D.A.
  • 2004 J.A.G.
  • 2012 D.E.C.A.

Certification Include:

  • Violence Prevention (E Safety)
  • Communication (TRU, Inc)
  • Diversity Institute Certification

Corporate Speaker Awards:

  • Memorial Hospital
  • Chicago Bulls
  • South Bend Parks & Recreation